Covey’s Little America - Little America, Wyoming

America’s new one stop Travel Center. Coffee Shop, 110 beautiful Motor Lodge rooms, Store, Fountain, Cocktail Lounge, beautiful Rest Rooms, Bus Stop, Super Service Station, Garage, Truck Pit, Giant Paved Parking Areas.
Famous Coast to Coast - Now Even Better.

Mailed from Granger, Wyoming to Mrs. O.L Price of Emporia, Kansas on May 26, 1958:

Dear Opel - This is a picture of me at breakfast!! I should see you Friday. I may go directly to cemetery before coming to you. If are not home - I’ll go somewhere. Love, Marie
Fresh possibly I’ll see you Thurs. pm.


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Cardboard America

Postcards from the Pie Shops collection of America in the early-to-mid 20th Century. Questions? or @thepieshops


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